Dreamscope-Caturday Art

The entire crew is here today (well, minus MerryBelle-she avoids the camera the way she avoids mom. Hmmm, since they’re always together (mom and the camera), maybe its mom she’s avoiding!) We used the Dreamscope app – it made us look really wild!!






It’s a busy few days coming up! Sunday is Selfie Day! Monday is Pirate Day!! Tuesday is the birthday of two very special friends! and Saturday I’m taking Dezi and Raena (Deziz World) flying!! Have a great Caturday!!!

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World Beard Day for Caturday Art!!

Today is World Beard Day!!!!  In honor of the celebration Simon and I decided to grow beards!!


I’m wearing a yellow rose because I’m thinking about my beautiful Penny!0903 a


Simon is capitalizing on his white whiskers and wearing a gray and white beard!!! He’s also reminding everyone of his Senior Status!0903 b.pg


worldbeardday.comClick on the badge to go to the website!!


Here are some really outstanding beards!!beard 1beard 2

25th Garmisch-Partenkirchen Beard Champioships

beard 4beard 5

Now that takes a lot of commitment!




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Tribute to King Sammy of Baconia

chef toby Chef Toby here – I was helping mom go through old magazines the other day (for her art project) and I found some delicious bacon recipes to offer in tribute to King Sammy of Baconia!

Here is the delicious bacon first – then the recipes!!0827aMmmm, look delicious, don’t they? Southwest Cornmeal, Pecan Rosemary, BBQ! I found them in a Southern Living Magazine from March 2015. Here’s the recipes –0827d



Here I am in my kitchen cooking them up for King Sammy! Everyone else is invited over to sample them!! Bacon for King Sammy

Happy Caturday Art to King Sammy and everyone else!!

We’re praying extra hard for Flynn, King Sammy’s friend, as he his feeling poorly!flynnbadge

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Cats and Books for Caturday Art!!

We’re going back to the books today since school starts soon! In our area it doesn’t start until after Labor Day. We’ll do a special post for Labor Day focusing on school! I hope mom doesn’t send me to school! I don’t think I’d like all the structure~~!



We used FotoFunia for the effects!

See you tomorrow with Sunday Selfies!  We’ll have an “Other Cat” photo to share!!


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