PeggySue is in the house!

0605a  So mom finally got PeggySue in the house! Mom spent a lot of time getting to know her, talking to her and eventually petting her. She picked her up a couple of times and put her back down and so forth. turns out PeggySue is very friendly and affectionate!

Here’s a couple of pictures of her – sorry for the graininess  – mom didn’t want to freak her out on her first night by sticking a camera in her face (like she does to me all the time!)



0609aWhen she first came in I boldly walked over to PeggySue (I tower over her) gave her the once-over sniff, tail-flick, and walked away. As long as she stays out of my way and doesn’t take MY mom’s affection away from ME, I suppose she can stay. Mom is hoping she will help tame the notoriously camera/mom/the-rest-of-us-except-BobbieSue shy MerryBelle. She’s still around –  she’s just not friendly to the rest of us. 




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blue-flower-hiIn Memorium . . .

in memorium butterscotch Please go to The Blessing of Animal Companions of read a beautifully moving tribute to Butterscotch’s life and to offer condolences.


Yesterday my mom abandoned me for my Auntie’s house in North Carolina. She said the weather was too nice to stay inside. On the plus side, she had Jack take a selfie. He refused to look properly at the camera but its a nice selfie anyway!!0529c


When mom was at Granmama’s the other day she got a photo of a really cool skink!0529a


And finally, my distant selfie!! I climbed on top of the cabinet of scrapbooks in the closet and got this shot!0529b


We hope you have a wonderful Sunday !!

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Sunday/Cousin Selfies for May Day!!

Sunday/Cousin Selfies for May Day 1.

Cousin Frankie is doing okay and very appreciative of your continued prayers. He’s eating a little each day and still has the strength to do his daily walkabout.


And Cousin Moose is doing his famous sprawling selfie.sunday selfie



Whew! A Day Off!

After some fussing I grabbed the blog back from Simon to post Sunday Selfies!!! The first picture is me doing a sleep selfie because I’m tired from this marathon blogging I’ve been doing.0424bI’m trying to get mom off the computer so I held on to her mouse.

0424cHere I am really trying to stop her so she can pet me and Simon while we nap. {Sigh} She just worked around me.

0424aAnd here is a bad shot of MerryBelle. It’s a zoomed and cropped. She’s been with us for a week now but remains mostly hidden from mom. Mom is happy if she sees her once a day to make sure she’s okay and those sightings are mostly zooms in the corner of her eye and MerryBelle doesn’t like mom to even look at her. Mom figures she is way more feral than she thought and she just has to be patient – even if it takes months. As long as she’s eating and using the potty box everything is fine. MerryBelle has tried to pick at the screen to get back outside. Mom doesn’t fuss she just closes the window. MerryBelle does follow BobbieSue around – and vice versa. It’s nice for BobbieSue to have a friend. We’ll keep you updated with her progress and maybe better photos!

I hope everybody has a nice Sunday! Mom has to work so I will miss spending the day with her but I’ll be sleeping so I’ll only miss her so much!

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Sunday Selfie Time!!

041716aSunday Selfie time! It’s me and Simon. BobbieSue is too out of sorts to stay still for a photo.


The reason BobbieSue is out of sorts? Look below.mb0417amb0417bmb0417c

Her name is MerryBelle and she walked in our front door on Friday morning. She is one of the 3 little babies mom has been feeding since they showed up a couple of months ago. (A few days ago I posted a photo of PeggySue who is still out there.) Anyway mom went out Friday morning to feed the kitties and they all started eating except for the grey one. Mom had gone back to getting ready for work when she heard a meowing. It was the grey one sitting at the door looking inside and meowing. So mom did what she always does, she opened the door and after some hesitation, the grey one walked in the door. Of course mom immediately shut the door, where the kitty immediately changed her mind and wanted to go back outside. Mom said “No – It’s too late – you’re a part of our cat colony now!” So now on Sunday she knows where the food, water and litter boxes are; I’m ignoring her for the most part and so is Simon but only BobbieSue is agitated. But she’ll settle down after some time. MerryBelle, in the meantime, comes out from under the bed a little more now and looks a mom from a great distance. She meows a lot and mom talks back to her. We’ll keep you posted on how well she does. Isn’t she cute? She is smaller than BobbieSue who is small compared to me and Simon. We’re pretty sure she’s a she because us boy cats aren’t giving her a second thought. (If she turns out to be a he his name will be Huck Finn. I told mom to just forget about that name because we ain’t havin no more boys in my colony!!!)

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