Hey folks, Mom showed me all these photos of me taking a bath and asked me to pick one or two to put on the blog. I said “Choose one or two! You must be kidding!! I want them all on the blog!!!! So here they are!! Enjoy!


I also want to give a nod to sweet LadyBird. Today is her Gotcha Day. Two years ago today mom started on the way home with her from Georgia. If you aren’t familiar with LadyBird, she has her own set of pages under the heading of Angel LadyBird.373This  is one of mom’s favorite photos of her. Simon, BobbieSue and I miss her.


See you tomorrow!!


PeggySue is in the house!

0605a  So mom finally got PeggySue in the house! Mom spent a lot of time getting to know her, talking to her and eventually petting her. She picked her up a couple of times and put her back down and so forth. turns out PeggySue is very friendly and affectionate!

Here’s a couple of pictures of her – sorry for the graininess  – mom didn’t want to freak her out on her first night by sticking a camera in her face (like she does to me all the time!)



0609aWhen she first came in I boldly walked over to PeggySue (I tower over her) gave her the once-over sniff, tail-flick, and walked away. As long as she stays out of my way and doesn’t take MY mom’s affection away from ME, I suppose she can stay. Mom is hoping she will help tame the notoriously camera/mom/the-rest-of-us-except-BobbieSue shy MerryBelle. She’s still around –  she’s just not friendly to the rest of us. 




We’re joining The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!!!Cat4-001-300x300

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blue-flower-hiIn Memorium . . .

in memorium butterscotch Please go to The Blessing of Animal Companions of read a beautifully moving tribute to Butterscotch’s life and to offer condolences.

Au revoir, Frankie

Frankie Eternity Awaits

Frankie crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. From August 2000 to May 20, 2016 we were blessed to have wonderful and loving Frankie in our lives. He was one of my first playmates when I moved into mom’s and granmama’s home. He taught me how to be a man-cat and was a joy to know.

We remember him in love and thank all of our friends for purring and praying for him during his final days.

With fond remembrance and love,


Bonus Post: Earth Day

017Simon here, I’m sharing with you today our special art created for Earth Day and a good-bye as well.  I’ll see you tomorrow for Caturday Art, which due to the length of Toby’s “T” post will be a bonus post as well! (oh, BTW, BobbieSue and MerryBelle are frequently seen together although mom still can’t get anywhere near her!!)

earth day bobbiesueearth day simonearth dat tobyearth dat merrybelleEarth Day BADGE 4.22.2016



We say good-bye to Paris of The Blessing of Animal Companions. A beautiful senior dog who died unexpectedly but after a wonderful last day. Please go to the link HERE    to read more about Paris and if you would like to share condolences. Paris, we will miss you and prayers and purrs to your family, both human and fur.


Paris run free

frankiePlease continue to remember Frankie in your prayers. I will share an update tomorrow.