Synchronized bathing

Hello friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did ’cause mom and I spent lots of cuddle time!!

Saturday morning after our breakfast, Simon and I decided to engage in a little bit of synchronized bathing!!


We couldn’t have planned that if we had tried!! (After the last photo I got distracted by a bird outside and we lost our synchronicity.)

Tomorrow is Tuxie Tuesday so the Sue’s will be here! I’ll see you again soon with a Toby in the Bag post!!

Love, Toby

sad cat I’m sad because mom had to go back to work today.

House Panther Day

Hello, friends – I decided that since Simon hadn’t been on the blog for a while I would make Thursday House Panther Day!! Mom tried to make me into a panther with – the photo of me is the best she could do. Apparently there is no shortcut to make someone into panther!!0602e

Anyway, here’s Simon – when mom took the first photo she thought he had fallen asleep in that pose – it wasn’t until she put the image on the computer did she see his eyes open. He was in that pose for a while – maybe he fell asleep with his eyes open. 0601

This photo shows him after he came back from wherever he was when mom called him. He’s weird.0601a

Now we have Moose, Granmama’s kitty. He’s playing with a catnip fish – he loves catnip (like, duh?!?).0601b

Granmama loves him so much! He’s cute with his crooked ear, isn’t he?0601c

I’m not sure if this will be a regular feature like Tuxie Tuesdays but who know what’ll happen? I stopped trying to guess a long time ago! See you soon,

Love Toby


Airplane Ears, a study

Yesterday I posted a selfie with airplane ears. Now, for those of you who aren’t aware, when your Cat Overlord has airplane ears he or she is displeased with you. It’s up to you to figure out what YOU did to displease your CAT and find a way to resolve it. IMMEDIATELY!

So, with that in mind, I began to wonder just how many of my Crew have displayed airplane ears.

Here is BobbieSue displaying airplane ears in half-horizontal mode. That means she is not happy. Could it be because mom ‘accidentally‘ locked her in the den all day long with no food, water or litter box? (BobbieSue showed amazing reserve and dignity by not relieving herself upon mom’s chair!)0306a


Then there’s PeggySue with airplane ears in full-horizontal mode. This indicates mom has done something she doesn’t appreciate – like putting sunglasses on her head so mom could take her picture because, “awww, you’re so cute!!0306b


I couldn’t find any photos of Simon with airplane ears  but maybe that’s because he’s a chilled-out cat for the most part. Not much bothers him.

And, then there’s me. I am in 3/4’s flattened-backwards airplane ears mode. This means if you get your hand or face anywhere near me it means I MIGHT bite you (if those ears were fully backwards and flattened, then look out! There’s no maybe about me biting you!!) Can you guess why I am like this? If not, then you need to go back to Cat-servant school. I’m not even going to dignify my own question with an answer. Certain cat-servants (Mom!) need to learn from this and don’t repeat it!0306d


Whew! This post took it out of me. I’m going to take a nap!! 0306d

Wuxie Wednesday – What has our tuxies so captivated???

It’s Wuxie Wednesday – Monday holidays always throw off our schedule so instead of Tuxie Tuesday we’re having Wuxie Wednesday this week! So, can you guess what new ‘thing’ mom brought home?

0222f What did you bring home, mom?

0222g Get off my stool, PeggySue!

0222h Alright, we can look at it together.

0222i Even Simon is captivated.

0222e I had to get Toby to check it out!

0222a Let me get on top to get a different perspective!

0222c Hmm, I here some familiar noise under that towel.

0222b Let me look under the towel–OH!–how fun!!!

0222d Did YOU guess what ‘it’ is? You’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!!!!