I went to work!

My mom had to go to work yesterday morning (it was Saturday) so I got to go with her! It was really pretty boring because all she did was talk on the phone.

Ho hum! This is really boring.

Ho hum! This is really boring.

There wasn’t anything for me to do or people to protect her against at first. She thought I might like a snack so she gave this cookie she had in her desk since before Christmas.

It doesn't even smell good.

It doesn’t even smell good.

hiding treat 1

dig dig dig bury bury bury

Yuk! I can’t believe she would give that to me. It was dry and hard and all I wanted to do was bury it.

So after I got rid of the “snack” (thanks, mom) boredom set in again. I brought Rhino with me but he was no fun at all.




Then I heard something outside – a stranger walking by! Immediately I jumped up and started telling the stranger to leave!

Go away! Get back!This is my momma!  You can't have her!

Go away! Get back!This is my momma! You can’t have her!



Oh no! He is opening the door and coming inside!

Who is he? What is he doing here?

Who is he? What is he doing here?

Oh – it’s okay. It’s only J. I don’t know him but mom does. He’s coming in to take the next shift. Whew! Another disaster averted. Let’s go home mom, I’m ready!

I'm ready to go home, now, please!

I’m ready to go home, now, please!

Thankfully mom understood me and I put my sweater on and we headed out the door! Back in the car and on our way !

Yeah! We're heading home!!

Yeah! We’re heading home!!



Please check my Friends page – I added a new friend! Her name is Roxy and she is very pretty!

See you next time! Barkingly yours, LadyBird


Running Errands

We celebrated the new year by running a couple of errands before going over to Granmama’s.

You can see Bella's car next to me.

You can see Bella’s car next to me.

I love going places! Mom and I always have so much fun. Let’s go already!

The weather had been miserable for days – rainy and cold and windy – but today, it was still cold but the sun was out and warm and the sky a lovely shade of blue.

The sun is so bright but I love it!

The sun is so bright but I love it!

Finally we were off and this is what we did:

First, we went by Starbucks for coffee, well, not me but mom. When we first pulled up to the menu board it spoke to us!

Go away strange voice!

Go away strange voice!

                I couldn’t see anybody but I did not like a strange voice talking to my mom and I let them know it. I barked and barked telling them to go away! 

Then we pulled up to a window and there were a couple of stranger ladies inside. I tried to get through the window to tell them to go away (obviously they hadn’t heard me even though I was barking very loudly non-stop!). But mom stopped me from attacking them (it is my job to keep mom safe) so I just kept fussing at them.

Go away go away go away go away go away go away go away...

Go away go away go away go away go away go away go away…

And just so you know, my bark is as bad as my bite! (Mom said to stop bragging, but I can’t help it. I’m really just a shrunk-down pit-bull.)

After we pulled away from that awful window, mom gave me sip of whip cream from her coffee. It was very good!

mmmm, num num num num num...

mmmm, num num num num num…

Then we drove over to the post office to mail our Christmas thank you notes. I hope mom remembered to mail mine to Bella.

That box isn't going to start talking is it?

That box isn’t going to start talking is it?

Only one more stop to go! 

This time we stopped at the library, mom’s favorite new book store. 

Kempsville Public Library

Kempsville Public Library

When we go out (brrr in the cold no less!) mom let me put the books into the return slot. Where is the door?

Please don't slide me in there!

Please don’t slide me in there!

This library and the one my aunt works at has a new-fangled automatic-conveyor-belt-thingy to take the books and slide them right on inside.

Good-bye book! We had fun reading you!

Good-bye book! We had fun reading you!

It was scary at first but with 4 books to turn in I got the hang of it fast!

FINALLY it was time to go to Granmama’s! I got so excited I started whimpering the minute we turned on to her street and jumped into moms arms before she could turn the car off!

We're here! we're here! We're here! Let's go go go go go...

We’re here! we’re here! We’re here! Let’s go go go go go…

And guess who was waiting for me at the door?

Come on in! I've been waiting for you!

Come on in! I’ve been waiting for you!

 That’s right – friend Buddy! 

Well, hurry up already!

Well, hurry up already!

He’s an old-timer like me so we get along really well – if he doesn’t try to steal my food!

As soon as we got there we got doggie treats. Mmmm delicious.

Later on, Granmama fixed some lunch for mom and herself but my G loves me so much I am always able to talk her into giving me people food.

Do it now! Mom isn't looking!

Do it now! Mom isn’t looking!

Of course I have to do it when mom isn’t looking otherwise she would say No!

Then we snuggled in for some quality TV and nap time.

You may pull the covers over my head now so I can get some sleep. I've had a busy morning!

You may pull the covers over my head now so I can get some sleep. I’ve had a busy morning!

So that’s all for now! See you soon.

Barkingly yours,