FIRE!!!! (not really)

Today is National Fire Pup Day!! It’s a day to celebrate all the dogs who work for with fire departments! And specifically the Dalmatian, the traditional fire dog. Mom transformed me into a fire dog!fire-pup-a



If you like Halloween – and I know some of you do!!!  – you might want to consider participating in a new Halloween Challenge! Mom’s going to participate on her art blog and Miss Ellen of 15 & Meowing is participating as well. Here’s a link for more information! 



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the-pet-parade-autumn-banner-2016-768x576 The Pet Parade!!!

It’s a good day for coffee!!

Mmmm! Coffee- Good!!!0929a


Mmmm! Free Coffee even better!!0929b


Ha! Fooled you! I’m not drinking coffee! It’s mom’s!! This is her 2nd cup of the day because Wa-Wa’s is having Free Coffee for National Coffee Day!!0929c


When mom can’t get to sleep tonight, you can bet I’ll be reminding her of that 2nd cup of coffee!!!0929d





T.V. dinner, anyone?

Happy Caturday everybody!!!

Today is National T.V. Dinner day so I invited Penny over for some Swanson T.V. Dinners and the Aristocats on T.V.!!!

tv-dinner-dayMy Lady-Love had fried chicken and I had Salisbury steak!!




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World Beard Day for Caturday Art!!

Today is World Beard Day!!!!  In honor of the celebration Simon and I decided to grow beards!!


I’m wearing a yellow rose because I’m thinking about my beautiful Penny!0903 a


Simon is capitalizing on his white whiskers and wearing a gray and white beard!!! He’s also reminding everyone of his Senior Status!0903


worldbeardday.comClick on the badge to go to the website!!


Here are some really outstanding beards!!beard 1beard 2

25th Garmisch-Partenkirchen Beard Champioships

beard 4beard 5

Now that takes a lot of commitment!




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Flying in for Friday Fill-in Fun!!

toby aviation day

I’m flying in today with my Lady-Cat Love Penny to help celebrate National Aviation Day and Friendly Friday Fill-ins!  My sweetheart was a little perturbed when I went off with Miss Nellie the other day, so I decided to take her flying. Not content to stay inside the plane, she jumped on the wing and had a wind-roaring good time!!! 

Here’s my Friday Fill-in questions and answers!! 

1. When I run out of gasoline, I use recycled cooking oil instead. It kinda makes my plane smell like french fries!  Yum!!fry-clip-art-french-fries-clip-art-GNXavs-clipart
2. My guru is Snoopy the Flying Ace.


3. I am afraid of flying into thunderstorms.


4. I feel empowered Penny’s love.
penny ;pve
I’ll see you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!