Sunday Selfies with Toby and guests!!

Hey folks!! I went to Joe’s debate this week! It was great – Joe’s answers to everybody’s question were outstanding. The moderator, Kong, even asked one of my questions!! While there, I was able to grab some selfies with Kong and even Joe, himself!!!!

tobysquestion1Phoebe (15 and Meowing) was the cue card holder (and also Joe’s speech Writer) and made sure my question was first!  Thanks Phoebe!


Then I had a selfie taken with the great Joe himself!! Of course, I thought Joe’s answer was spot on!!


Thanks to Campaign Manager, Nellie (Nellie on the Edge), for securing these selfies for me!!! Thanks, Miss Nellie! You’re the best!!! After Joe and Smoke win the election, they need to send you on a nice, long vacation to Hawaii for all the hard work you’ve done this year!!


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Sunday Selfies with PeggySue

I get to do Sunday Selfies! Yay!!! This is my first attempt – I forgot to look at the camera. Let me adjust it…0925-selfie-b


Aha! A speed shot! See how fast I am? Like lightening!! That’s youth!!!0925-selfie-a


Much better and I must say my whiskers look very nice!!0925-selfie-c



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Sunday Selfie Time!

It’s Sunday Selfie time. Of course and as usual I’m the only one interested in taking selfies! My first one was a little blurry – I was too close to the camera.0918d


PeggySue was more interested in outside than in.0918b


Both Simon and PeggySue decided naps were better than selfies.0918c


And here’s my second attempt – a little better but still a little blurry. Oh well, maybe Simon and PeggySue have the right idea. I’m going to take a nap!0918a


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Guest Sunday Selfies!

0904 fMom went to PetSmart the other day to get some of that stinky flea stuff for us and she asked some of their critters if they’d like to take some selfies for this week! And they agreed!!


Pretty parakeets!0904 a


He’s a cutie pie with stuffed cheeks!!0904 b


This little girl got a little to close to the camera!!0904 c


0904 e Now I’m off to my nap! Happy selfie day everybody!!




Sunday Selfies!!

Here’s our entries for Sunday Selfies!

0821aHere I am sleeping on a bag full of treats that I’m guarding so that nobody else can get them!


0821b PeggySue is trying to help mom with the camera so she’s a little blurry.


0821c BobbieSue’s perturbed because mom bugged her in her nap.


0821d Simon was woken up from his nap as well!


We read on 15andMeowing that Phoebe’s mom forgot to send in her photo for our Blogville Pawlympic Gymnastic Bathing Event which meant she didn’t get a gold medal. Well, we’re correcting that mistake now!!

phoebe bathing


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