Sunday Selfie!!

I’m taking a break from A to Z Challenge! Here’s a couple of selfies mom and I took outside a week or so ago! I look great (as always) but mom doesn’t like the selfies of her. Isn’t that typical of humans?0423 a Me, mom and the sky. I wasn’t ready yet.


0423 b Mom loves that sky!! She needs selfie lessons – where’s my left ear?


0423c To be honest here, I was trying to get away – enough with the selfies!!! You see that iron grip she has on me?


0423d Let me go, mom! I’m all selfied out!! She’s done, too – she’s not even smiling anymore!!!




I’ll be back Tomorrow wiTh The final week of A to Z posTs!!! Tomorrow is “T” day!!! Are you Thinking, maybe, T-rex? Well, Then, you’d be wrong!!!!! Come back To find out who are my feaTured peTs!!!

Love, Toby-the-so-not-selfie-king

Sunday Selfies with guests!

Mom forgot to let us take our selfies this week so instead I have a few guests to show you. Mom met them when she went to PetSmart to get a few things for M&M.061


This is a hamster chowing down. Mom didn’t get what kind he is but he’s cute.016


This hamster was busy running.017


When he saw mom, he ran over to the window to see who she was.018


And then he posed perfectly for a selfie!!!!! I love his bright eyes!020

I asked mom why she didn’t bring one home. She said M&M were excitement and entertainment enough for us! I ignored her for the rest of the night the rest of that minute.

Tomorrow is “B” in the A to Z challenge! – I wonder what we’ll have for you??? See you tomorrow!

Sunday Selfie with a guest!

No, we don’t have more new pets to show off. Our Guest this week is an unknown shop kitty. Mom saw him in the window in the office next to her bank and took a picture of him. But he was shy because when she approached the window he ran away. But he is a pretty kitty anyway!0305


Here’s PeggySue showing a nice profile selfie.0305a


And here I am – with airplane ears, no less! I’m perturbed because mom just got through fussing at me for trying to play with Mable & Matilda. As if! I wasn’t going to hurt them! Bad momma for not trusting me!0305b


catonmyhead2-200x300 Sunday Selfies sponsored by the Kitties Blue from The Cat on my Head!!!

Sunday Selfies: Meet Mable and Matilda!

We here at Toby’s Wrecking Crew would like to introduce you to our pets, Mable and Matilda – two lovely zebra finches!


They’re teeny-tiny so mom said we can’t play with them but they sure do provide great entertainment! You can’t see but they have white horizontal stripes on their tails. They’re coloring is different from their parents which look sort of like this:images

M&M, as we call them, are blue-grey allover with white bellies and white and grey stripes on their tails. It’s hard to tell them apart but we do know that Mable can’t fly – her wing was hurt in the egg so she falls to the bottom of the cage a lot. Matilda does fly so we don’t see her close up as much. Mable did visit the vet about her wing when she was younger but there’s nothing to do about it. 

Here I am learning the rule of “Look, but don’t touch!” Any time one of us touches the cage mom takes her big red plastic spoon and hits the stool with making a loud noise. She’s got me and BobbieSue so well-trained all mom does is pick up the spoon and we back off. PeggySue is another matter entirely and Simon isn’t that interested.0226b

Hello Mable and Matilda! So nice to have you in our family!0226c

Aren’t they wonderful!? I’m so proud of them!0226d

The story behind this is that we kept going behind the cage so mom blocked it. Then mom was worried about the intense study that was going on by all of us and she wanted to give the girls a little privacy. So she put a box on top of the cage so they could hide from our piercing eyes. Later that night she made a cloth cover that looks better. Also, she knew I wanted to jump on the cage and she didn’t want M&M to freak out with a feline on top of them.0226e

See? This is the real reason mom put the box on the cage!0226f

And this is the cover mom made for M&M’s cage. She fixed it so I can still get up there, too! Also, can you see the wires? Mom wired the cage to the bookcase so we wouldn’t “accidentally” knock it over!!0226g

So what do you think of our pets? 015


We love Mable and Matilda and we hope you do, too!!0226i