Tuxie Tuesday

It’s Tuxie Tuesday Time!!! First up a lovely portrait of me, BobbieSue. It’s a little blurry but mom’s hands tremble a bit so most pics are blurry. But you can see my beautiful eyes. Wait till you see my selfie for this Sunday! I did a really great job and I think you’ll love it!029

Next we have our resident Tabby Tuxie, MerryBelle.  She’s still super timid around mom but she’s okay around me. Mom always has to take far away pictures of her and then enlarge them so we can see her. She’s a pretty girl and happy – except when mom comes around with the camera.040

And now we have the very goofy PeggySue. Mom got a really great series of shots of her and the Pickle from Miss Ellen that we’ll share next Tuesday. This shot could really be a selfie – but it’s not!038

That’s all I have for today! Time to go check out the food bowl. Bye-cycle!!!032




Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

I’m liking this perch – BobbieSue is usually up here, but I think she’s softening on me a bit and not running me off.047

Oops! Here she comes! I better scram!!! 049

Here’s a recent picture of MerryBelle. She’s a tabby tuxie so she counts for Tusie Tuesday! She’s really weird – she sleeps on mom’s bed but won’t let mom touch her. Maybe one day she’ll learn to love the kind touch of mom.mb-a


Before we go, we want to say a fond farewell to our friend, Fiona, over at The Cat on My Head. She went to the Rainbow Bridge last Thursday after a long and valiant battle with CKD. We will miss her beautiful grey face. (Grey cats have been a long time favorite of mom’s family.)


Sunday Snoozing Selfies

The following selfies speak for themselves!!! Enjoy your Sunday and be like us and take a nap!!!

1030a BobbieSue

1030b Toby

1030c  Simon 

1030d PeggySue


We don’t have a snoozing photo of MerryBelle because to catch us napping is to show how comfortable we are with mom. MerryBelle is not that comfy yet. She only relaxes enough to sleep while she’s hiding. So here’s the most recent photo we have of her!



catonmyhead2-200x300 We’ll link up on Monday!!!