Thankful Thursday

It’s Thankful Thursday and even though we are without the internet and cable, we are thankful that Mr. Hurricane Matthew did not hurt our city as bad as he did other cities. We are also thankful for:

our friends – (including the ones not pictured here!)

and each other:


Happy Day!!! See you soon!!!

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for my mom…IMG_3014


But I do wish she wouldn’t spend so much time on the computer and more time on me…IMG_3013


Today is Thankful Thursday…

Tomorrow is Friendly Friday Fill-ins …

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Simon says…We are Thankful


It’s my turn on the blog and I’m doing Thankful Thursday!!



We are Thankful for Miss Ellen  over at 15andMeowing. She sent us a surprise gift this week – yummy toys and Flat Penny, Joanie and Millie so they can always we with us!! Oh she sent mom a very pretty blank journal, too. Miss Ellen is so wonderful and so giving!! Thank you so much for your kindness!!



Here I am standing on my head in bliss over the catnip toys!!!



We are Thankful BobbieSue is getting used to not being the baby of the family any more.



We are Thankful for PeggySue and for . . . 



. . .MerryBelle. See the mess around her? That’s why we’re called The Wrecking Crew – ’cause we wreck mom’s house when she’s not home!!!


Oh – and we got a Greenie this week from Sammy’s Geography Class! Our Third one!!


See you tomorrow for Finally Friday!!!

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Thank you Warm Weather!

For Thankful Thursday, I am thankful the weather has warmed up! Here is my latest excursion into the great outdoors!

I was busy checking out my property, picking up stray smells and all when a neighborhood cat came up from down the street to check me out. (red arrow)0526a


He (or she) settled under the neighbor’s car to watch me. I found it a little creepy.0526b


I tried to be friendly but the Stranger didn’t respond – so I turned my back on him and walked away. 0526c


I checked the other end of my property line. All was well, but Bella wasn’t home.0526d


I checked mom’s car and rubbed my scent on it to mark it as mine.0526e


You can tell I didn’t take this selfie – mom cut my head off!!!0526f


And after about an hour outside, I told mom I was hungry so we went back inside so I could eat supper. Thanks for sharing my day with me!!0526g


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Thankful Thursday

We’re joining a new-to-us blog hop today!


Today I am Thankful for a loving mom who annoys’ me all the time with her pesky camera ALL THE TIME!!



(But not necessarily the Cat-Demon-Eyes!!)


I am thankful to Love and BE LOVEDIMG_2582


And, I am thankful for all my new friends out in the blog-world whom I have come to know and Love and who Love me!!!  You guys are the bestest!!!!IMG_2583

We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s Friday Fill-Ins!!!!


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