Tuxie Tuesday with PeggySue

Hey, folks! did you miss me??? I missed y’all! Here’s an exclusive Tuxie Tuesday post – oh – wait – Toby’s saying something to me – what??? – oh, that’s right – I do have a photo of him and Simon to share.

For Easter, our BFs and GFs had their mom, Miss Ellen, send us goodies for Easter! She sent us 1 – dozen eggs!!! No!! Not real eggs – not even chocolate eggs! But 6 plastic eggs filled with catnip and 6 Miss Ellen-made egg toys infused with catnip! And, they were color coordinated! Miss Ellen is so sweet! 

Here’s Simon and Toby checking out the eggs. Aren’t they pretty!0502a


And, here I am checking out the eggs with Toby.0502b

After Simon and BobbieSue ran off with their eggs, I took over the whole carton!!0502c


I’m in bliss right now.  Really feeling quite chill.  0502d


Before I go, I have to tell on Simon – he broke open one of the plastic eggs – by biting it! All the catnip spilled out and he rolled around in it! He was so silly!!

Thank you Jinx (my sweetheart), Millie (BobbySue’s BF), Joanie (Simon’s GF) and Penny (Toby’s GF) for having your mom send those wonderful treats to us. And Toby wants me to give a special shout-out to his lady-cat-love, Penny, for the extra special gift she sent him!!! (Oh, and mom loves her gift!!!)

We hope everyone’s Easter was as nice as ours. Love to you all and either BobbieSue or I will be back right here next week on Tuxie Tuesday!!!!



Tuxie Tuesday

It’s Tuxie Tuesday Time!!! First up a lovely portrait of me, BobbieSue. It’s a little blurry but mom’s hands tremble a bit so most pics are blurry. But you can see my beautiful eyes. Wait till you see my selfie for this Sunday! I did a really great job and I think you’ll love it!029

Next we have our resident Tabby Tuxie, MerryBelle.  She’s still super timid around mom but she’s okay around me. Mom always has to take far away pictures of her and then enlarge them so we can see her. She’s a pretty girl and happy – except when mom comes around with the camera.040

And now we have the very goofy PeggySue. Mom got a really great series of shots of her and the Pickle from Miss Ellen that we’ll share next Tuesday. This shot could really be a selfie – but it’s not!038

That’s all I have for today! Time to go check out the food bowl. Bye-cycle!!!032




Double Tuxie Tuesday

0708 a

No, you’re not seeing double!! Well, yes you are! Two gorgeous black tuxies! That’s BobbieSue in the background. We are slowly warming up to each other – we were actually chasing each other around the house the other day – in fun!! Mom is happy we starting to play together. I am too. I need a BFF – those boys (Toby & Simon) are so annoying! 

Happy Tuxie Tuesday!!

Love, PeggySue