belated Valentines!

I just don’t know what to do with my mom. She forgot all about showing the gorgeous Valentines our sweethearts sent us!! And then she forgot to get photos of all of us (not me, of course) with the Valentines. Bad momma! We are so sorry Penny, Joanie, Millie and Jinx for not showing off our cards sooner. Blame it on mom. 

Look at these beautiful cards!! We also got signature Miss Ellen catnip toys and Miss Ellen sent mom some socks (mom loves colorful socks!). Miss Ellen also thought about MerryBelle and sent her a card so she wouldn’t feel left out. 0221a


Simon is diggin’ on the catnip toys!0221b


PeggySue loves the card Jinx sent her.0221b


And I absolutely ADORE the card by beloved Penny sent me! Isn’t it just the most wonderful one?!0221c


We also went to a Valentines’ Dance with our sweethearts sponsored by  Madi & Mom. We had one wild and crazy time!!!! Thank you Penny, Joanie, Millie and Jinx for inviting us!!

So that’s the end of our belated Valentine’s post! Maybe next year our secretary/mom will be on time!!!



Fun Friday Fill-ins & Caturday Art!

It’s time for Friday Fill-ins and Caturday Art! My answers are in RED!

1. My favorite kind of cookie is a tuna cookie! I’ve never had one but I’ll bet it would be good!021017a
2. Morris the Cat  would play me in a movie about my life because he is the right coloring. But he would have to get fur extensions because his fur is too short! morris_hat

3. Love is my mom and my sweetheart, Penny.021017b

4. For Valentine’s Day, I sent something very special to my sweet Penny but I can’t tell you what it is because she reads my blog!!! She’ll have to wait until Valentine’s Day to find out! She sent me something special, too, but mom hid it and is making me wait until Valentines to find out what it is! 021017c

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

021016So, you may remember earlier this week I told you how my (bad) momma let my Valentine from my Lady-Love, Penny, sit in the mailbox for over a week – maybe two weeks. If I had opposable thumbs I would have opened the front door and got the mail myself 2 weeks ago!!! Anyway, BobbieSue and I took selfies with our beautiful valentines.  Thank you again to Penny and Millie.

Here are our wonderful Valentines. Me first, of course!!


Here’s  my Beautiful Penny. Isn’t she gorgeous? Excuse me while I kiss her!


0228bSmooch,  smooch, sm–Hey — what are you doing looking? Turn your head!



Oh, Millie, I LOVE my valentine!!! You are so sweet to have sent it to me!! The picture of you is so handsome. I will treasure it furever.


0228d It’s so wonderful I can’t help but kiss you!!!!!

 They are beautiful portraits!! We love them so much!!


We also received a really cool ball with a bell – my favorite but I couldn’t find it in time for the photo session. Also in the package was a catnip fish – but Simon got a hold of it before BobbieSue had a chance to enjoy it. That’s okay. We told him it was his since he didn’t get a Valentine.

0228eAnd, finally, for some reason Penny and Millie’s mom sent this book to my mom. But I won’t say much about that since this is my blog and not hers!  Hugs and kisses to Penny, Millie and Ellen. We LOVE you!!!

We’re joining the Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!

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Valentines Caturday Art!!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Caturday Art Day!!! Cousins Frankie and Buddy wanted to wish their mom – my granmama – a Happy Heart’s Day.caturday art 0213acaturday art 0213bcaturday art 0213c

Happy Hearts Day Badge 2016Before you go – our other blog Library of Cats was featured on Mousebreath Magazine!!! Yea! It was great fun to do the interview and we thank the Funny Farmer Felines for having us over. Please click on the “Featured” image to read the interview and the Board of Library Cats image to go to our book review blog!!

Featured 4    Library Board

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Caturday Art