Sleeping with the finches

The constant chatter of the birdies makes me sleepy {yawn} but I’ve got some good photos of them so I wanted to share them.074


This is a good picture of Mabel – in the back. You can see she doesn’t have any tail feathers. She can fly short distances (we’re talking inches) but not as high as Matilda.0321 mable


And this one is a good one of Matilda – in front with the tail feathers. Mom’s got a magazine on top of their cage so when one of us jumps on the top the birdies don’t have a heart attack!0321 matilda


Alright, I’m done. Going to sleep now zzzzzzzzz………075



It’s Tuxie Tuesday!!

On behalf of the Wrecking Crew (and Toby, too) BobbieSue and I want to apologize for being absent for a few days. It’s mom’s fault. She wasn’t feeling up to snuff so she just ignored our blog. But she’s better today so here we are!!0321e


We’re late this week but since it’s Tuxie Tuesday, we get to fill in the Friday Fill-Ins!! My answers (PeggySue) will be in pink. BobbieSue’s will be in red. Mom’s will be in blue.

1591. The oldest item in my home is Simon – he’s at least 12 – 13. The oldest item in my home is my maternal grandmother’s high school graduation ring. From 1925.


0321d2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is No Fair! I don’t have a refrigerator! The oldest item in the fridge is 2 empty 3-liter plastic bottles. They’re so big I store them in the cooler drawers. They’re in case of a hurricane, I can store extra water. They’ve been there since the year I moved in (2011) and I’ve never used them.


0108a3. My family heritage is this is one I can answer! I’m from Savannah, Georgia!!!! A true southern belle at heart! My family heritage is mostly English, a dollop of French and German; and,  if my grandmothers are to be believed, a smidgen of two different Native American nations – Nansemond on my mother’s side and Cree on my father’s side.


0321a4. My favorite family tradition is the most current one – watching Mable and Matilda! My favorite family tradition is Thanksgiving – the FOOD!!!!! All the old favorites dusted off once a year and savored (plus leftovers!)

Toby will be here tomorrow with some new pictures of Mable and Matilda! Have a totally terrific Tuesday!!!

Caturday Art with Dreamscope!

I’ve got some new filters to show you! Enjoy!!!

This one is called Absinthe – after the green liquor I’m guessing. absinthe toby 0318c

This one is easy – its Scarlet – no, not from GWTW, the color!scarlet toby 0318a

And finally, this is filter is Van Gogh, either 2 or 3van gogh 2 toby 0318b


And this is the original photo. Are you getting tired of seeing me in sunglasses? I am. But mom took a ton of them and she’s not one to let a photograph go to waste, so you’ll be seeing more of them until she’s posted them all in one form or another!!0318



Mom’s getting fancy with my photos again!


I’m digesting my breakfast.


Half asleep in this one


Can you see the camera reflected in my eyeball?


Come on, mom! Up my nose? Really?

Since nothing of interest is going on around here — except that winter has made a comeback — mom had decided to just post some photos of me half asleep this morning.