Simon says…

We are very sorry for the loss of Phoebe over at 15andMeowing and Miss Ellen.
Kisses and pawpats to our sweethearts who are missing their fursiblings. We love you all.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Mom and me

We’re enjoying the weather on this last official day of summer.

Thanks for the selfie, Mom. But I really want some supper.

We’re praying for Phoebe, Miss Ellen’s baby and my Sweet Penny’s fursister. We hope for her peace and healing. We love you!


Toby and the Crew

I am the Master of my domain

I’m sitting in my Granmama’s chair…IMG_20170916_120950650 and look where Granmama is sitting:

​The dog is on the floor where he should be, of course. The other day I was at the base of the stairs waiting for Mom to come down and she and Buddy were heading my way. But Buddy saw me at the bottom of the stairs and stopped halfway down. Mom had to push him to get him going again. 

​it sure feels good to intimidate an 80 pound beast. As I said, I am the Master of my domain.