belated Valentines!

I just don’t know what to do with my mom. She forgot all about showing the gorgeous Valentines our sweethearts sent us!! And then she forgot to get photos of all of us (not me, of course) with the Valentines. Bad momma! We are so sorry Penny, Joanie, Millie and Jinx for not showing off our cards sooner. Blame it on mom. 

Look at these beautiful cards!! We also got signature Miss Ellen catnip toys and Miss Ellen sent mom some socks (mom loves colorful socks!). Miss Ellen also thought about MerryBelle and sent her a card so she wouldn’t feel left out. 0221a


Simon is diggin’ on the catnip toys!0221b


PeggySue loves the card Jinx sent her.0221b


And I absolutely ADORE the card by beloved Penny sent me! Isn’t it just the most wonderful one?!0221c


We also went to a Valentines’ Dance with our sweethearts sponsored by  Madi & Mom. We had one wild and crazy time!!!! Thank you Penny, Joanie, Millie and Jinx for inviting us!!

So that’s the end of our belated Valentine’s post! Maybe next year our secretary/mom will be on time!!!



President’s Day

In honor of President’s Day I thought I would remind you of when I was three different presidents last year. I’m sure you can guess who they are!! And if you don’t know who they are, let me know and I’ll send you a book on US history!!!

031916 george washington

031916 abe lincoln

031916 teddy roosevelt


Happy President’s Day!!!

Friendly Friday Fill-In time!!!

It’s time to fill-in those statements!!! My answers are in RED. Mom’s answers are in PURPLE!

1. Snow is beautiful as long as I don’t have to go to work…is pretty and I thought I would like it but it is too COLD!image
2. My favorite kind of soup is chili! …I don’t eat soup but I think I might like  something that has tuna in it.002
3. When no one is around, I do whatever I want… I do pretty much the same thing as I do when people are around – except sleep more.164

4. Not having to work is my pie-in-the-sky dreamPenny is my sweetest sweetheart and I love her so very, very, very much!

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