Friday Fill-In Time!!

Are you ready for some Friday Fill-ins???? I am! Let’s go!! My answers are in Red this week and mom’s will be in Blue!!

1. My favorite thing on my daily to-do list is EAT, bathe, and sleep – in that order!! My favorite thing on my daily to-do list is coming home each night to my furbabies, laying on my bed and letting them crawl all over me saying hello.156

2. My least favorite thing on my daily to-do list is say goodbye to mom in the morning when she goes to work.  My least favorite thing on my daily to-do list is to go to work each morning. I would rather stay home and love on the kitties and craft all day. {Sigh} But someone does have to earn the money to feed everybody and I don’t see Toby signing up for anything. Hey! Wait a minute! If you hadn’t had me neutered I could have been passing along my superior genes for a hefty price!!!! That’s true, but I wouldn’t have you any other way than you are right now!! 

3. I could really do without the other cats competing for mom-time. I could really do without so many cranky people in the world. 189

4. I would love to have more outside time off leash!!! I would love to have more money to have the freedom to not work full time and still take care of my babies!!1019d


Thanks, Miss Ellen and Miss Annie, for hosting the Friday Fill-ins! We have fun each week coming up with answers to your crazy questions!! 

And if you, our dear reader, wish to read more Friday Fill-ins, please click on either name above to be whisked away to a couple of outstanding blogs!!!

Love and peace to you all!!

peace out

Toby and the Moving & Wrecking Crew

PS.. guess who’s coming to visit all next week?! I’ll give you a hint…he’s a he, he’s really big, has four legs, and is slobbery and stinky. Did you figure it out? I’ll tell you in a couple of days!!!


It’s been a few days…

boxing toby 1It’s been a few days since I last posted. Mom and I have been busy – and we’ll be staying busy for the next few weeks. Why? You ask?… And, why am I in this box?


boxing toby 2The answer to both questions is: we’re moving!!!! We’re moving home to live with granmama! We’ve got until the end of August to finish the move and you know how I have to check out each box to make sure it meets with my high standards before I tell mom what to pack in it. We’re still packing the office – have been for a two weeks now – that’s because its the room with the most stuff!! I’ve got more box-inspection photos to share and as time goes on, I’ll tell you more about our move! But I’m excited – I can’t wait to live with granmama!!!!

See you Friday! Love, Toby and the Wrecking Crew (soon to be known as the Moving Crew!!)cats house cartoon

toby-in-the-boxAnother Toby-in-the-Box Production!

Friday Fill-ins!!!

It’s time once again for Friendly Friday Fill-ins!!! Also, Happy Gotcha Day to our friend Phoebe, who came to live with Miss Ellen (15andMeowing) 14 years ago!!!

For the fill-in’s, my answers are in Orange and mom’s are in Pink!!


1. My inner child is very spoiled. My inner kitten is even more spoiled than mom’s inner child is!!.inner kitten

2. My favorite month is October – I love the falling leaves, the cool, crispness of the air and its a wonderful break after the heat of summer and the frigid temps of winter. My favorite month is December because then its finally cold enough for me to start sleeping with mom again!!!cat in leaves

3. My favourite commercial is any and all cat food ones, because, well, duh!!!. I don’t currently have a favorite commercial, but I do like the ones that show cats doing funny things.20130409-catvertising-1

4. Personally, I don’t care for flea medication application day. Personally I don’t care for raw tomatoes and onions and mushrooms of any kind. cat_freaked_out_illustration


FFBadgeThanks Miss Ellen and Miss Annie for hosting another fun round of Friday Fill-ins!! I’m sorry there won’t be any posts over the weekend but we are working on a special announcement next week!! Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Love, Toby005