My Name is LadyBird

I'm showing you my best side.

I’m showing you my best side.

My story starts out simply enough – I spent the first ten years of my life living in the Georgia country –side with my first mom and dad. I never left my mom’s side, especially when she got sick. One my dad took her away to the hospital and she never came home. I waited and waited for her but it seemed like she was gone forever.

I was so sad. I would sit in my bed and look at her chair and cry inside. My dad kept me fed but ever since he clipped my toenails so close they bled I didn’t really trust him anymore so there was no one to love on me.

Then one day some strangers came to stay at my house. Two ladies. They both tried talking to me and acted like they wanted to love on me but I was so heartbroken about my mom I wouldn’t let them anywhere near me.


Dad, don’t leave me!

Two days after the two ladies came, my cousin picked me up and put me in a big box with a barred door and carried me outside. He put me in a car and those two ladies got in as well. My dad came to the car door and said “Good bye, Lady. This is for the best. I can’t care for you anymore – I’m too old and I’m moving to Tennessee.” I tried waving my paw at him, asking him to release me from the cage but he just shook his head and walked away.


What is happening to me?

The next hours seemed like forever. The car just kept going and going. One of the ladies gave me a little food early on but I wasn’t hungry. Later, after the sun set, she gave me my favorite, chicken nuggets, and I ate some – I was so hungry. I turned my back to her so she wouldn’t see me eat.

Finally after hours and hours of being in the car we arrived at what would become my new home and new family. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

When I lived in Georgia the only other animals was a feral cat and a small flock of turkeys. This new house I moved into had 4 cats! Oh my goodness! That was 4 cats too many! It has taken me some time to learn that the lady can love on me and on the cats. At first I was very jealous and would growl and snap at the cats; and they would growl and hiss back at me. But we never came to blows and now there is an uneasy peace between us. They tolerate me just like I tolerate them. I still get grumpy when one of them jumps on my mom’s lap when I’m there – especially the orange one. He is twice my size but I am not afraid. I try to let him know that this is MY mom – not his — but she always reminds me to be nice to him and the others.

cold sun 2

I’m not afraid of you, Orange One

The first few days I spent mostly hiding when my new mom was home and sleeping when she wasn’t. I had many accidents on the floor because I was afraid to let her take me outside; and when she did she always put me on a leash – which is something I simply couldn’t handle.

But she never yelled at me or tried to scare me. She always talked sweetly to me and gave me treats when I came in from doing my personal business outside. And, since I refused to eat much those first few days, she fed me people food just like my other mom and dad did.

Me and Mom.

Me and Mom.

But then slowly I began to warm up to her and would sit in her lap whenever she sat in the Big Green Chair. She gradually stopped feeding me people food and for the first time in my life I am enjoying dog food. I look forward to her coming home each day, running around outside, and then spending the rest of the time in her lap or in her arms. I think I love my new mom.

So now you know all about me. And these are my adventures of teaching an old dog new tricks.

LadyBird passed from this life on December 19, 2015 after a very short battle with liver cancer. She left a permanent impression on our hearts. We are so glad she lived the last year of her life with us.  Love, Toby, Simon and BobbieSue.

Please go HERE and HERE for her final posts and memorial posts.


9 thoughts on “My Name is LadyBird

  1. LadyBird, what an amazing story. We are so happy that you found another loving home after you lost your first mommy. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  2. Oh, I am very sorry to hear about LadyBird’s passing! My kitty Samantha and I stumbled upon your blog, and we just wanted to say hi and to tell you how purdy you guys are! I hope we can be buddies. 🙂 Best, Puppydoc and Samantha


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