I need to remind you I am a Princess!!

My mom and I were at Granmama’s the other day – we were sitting on the sofa watching TV when I noticed how dirty her leg was (just one of them) so I decided to give her a bath. I had to lick her up and down to get her clean. What a job it was! Afterward I had to set her straight and remind her who I am – a Princess! and as my servant she needs to keep herself clean – Oh, I know she takes baths and all but I am always having to lick her hands and her arms and sometimes even her face! What does my mom get herself into all the time? Oh well, such is the life of the Mistress of the household! (Mom says I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs!). Well, that’s life in Princess LadyBird Ayne’s household! (Now if I could just get Toby to be a proper footman and serve me my meals, all would be well!) Ta ta till next time!  Barkingly yours, LadyBird

We were watching mom and G's favorite show - Bones. It was really good!

We were watching mom and G’s favorite show – Bones. It was really good! (My bottom looks really big in this photo! I really must talk to mom about her picture taking!)

Look at my mom's leg! It is such a state! I need to clean her up again!!

Look at my mom’s leg! It is such a state! I need to clean her up again!!



clean-clean-clean-clean--work-work-work is all I do!

clean-clean-clean-clean–work-work-work is all I do!



I know it’s late on Memorial Day…

I know it’s late on Memorial Day but I couldn’t let the day go by without reminding folks of the forgotten soldiers – no, not humans, but the Military Working Dog (MWD). Did you know you can adopt a retired MWD? I know my mom has said in the past that she would like to adopt a German Shepherd but she doesn’t have the space for a big dog. I’m just glad she has the space for me!! Anyway I’ve put some links on this post for you to check out if you are interested in bringing home a retired MWD for a well-deserved retirement. After all, they are veterans, too and deserve our love and respect! (Make sure you go all the way to the bottom to see my photo!)  Barkingly yours, LadyBird

Warrior Dog Foundation

Save-A-Vet BadgeSaveavet – the other forgotten soldier (click on the image)   click on the image above click on the image for the DoD rules for adopting an MWD memorial daycropped-lady-icon-c_0001

I’m having a lazy Sunday

Mom wanted me to take some selfies for Sunday Selfie Blog Hop – but I didn’t want to. I was to busy being Lazy. So she took them for me.  (Yawn) Time to go back to sleep. Sleepily yours, LadyBird

See more Sunday Selfies here (but not until you’ve seen mine!): The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop Cat4-001

no words - just zzzzzzzzzzz's

no words – just zzzzzzzzzzz’s

Oops! Got an itch.

Oops! Got an itch.

Ahhh! Back to Lazy.

Ahhh! Back to Lazy.