Butt to Butt

butt-to-butt-a This photo is self-explanatory, don’t you think?

butt-to-butt-b Simon got to mom’s desk drawer before I did.

butt-to-butt-c Even though I tried to force him out of it – my butt is bigger than his – he refused to me.  That’ll teach me to linger at the food dish too long!!


I’ve been asleep for two days! Well, not really. My typist/mom has. No that’s not right either. She had family time Saturday and rested Sunday so finally she got back to the computer so I can say “Hi!” to all my friends!

toby-b Hi!

001 I found a cool box!

002 Hope you don’t mind if I keep it!

006 it’s the perfect size for bathing!

008 and falling asleep in…..

009 (Yawn) see you tomorrow!



Grateful Thanksgiving


We are grateful for our family – each other, Mom, Granmama, Auntie & Uncle, Matt  & Michelle, and Mason

We are grateful for our girl & boy friends – Penny, Joanie and Millie

We are grateful for our friends in the blogging world – too numerous to name

We are grateful for food on our plates

We are grateful for a warm and loving home to live in

We are grateful for a loving God who looks after us all.

What you are grateful for on this day of all days?