Our new home!


The only photos I have for you today are of me in my new backyard!!0829c

The move was mostly successful – except that mom locked us in the bathroom all day! And when she let us out it was to put evfurrybody but me in carriers and drive us to our new home! Evfurrybody but me was confined to moms new bedroom for about 24 hours and Saturday night after Granmama had gone to bed BobbieSue and PeggySue were allowed out to explore. Simon could explore if he wanted to but as of today he has yet to leave moms room!He’s got everything he needs – litterbox, food, water, and a comfy bed.  He’s content.

I do have some bad news, though.0829d

MerryBelle couldn’t make the trip with us.  When mom tried to catch her and put her in the carrier, she (MerryBelle) went berserk and bit mom on both hands and scratched up her legs and later escaped out the back door.  Mom had to go to the doctor because her hands swelled up like balloons. She has a really bad deep tissue infection and is on heavy duty antibiotics. Right now her left hand is still non- functioning and she has the use of 2 1/2 fingers on her right hand. Mom was really upset about the whole thing and will miss MerryBelle.0829b

We’ll be praying for her for God to send His angels to protect her and help her find a new home.

The birdgirls made it safely to our new home and are quite content to live next door to their brother, sister and father. I’ll have more pictures soon – unpacking is taking longer than expected but I’ll have a talk with mom about taking pictures of us!! In yhe meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy exploring my new home!!0829a

Love you all, Toby.

PS: Joanie, Simon was distressed to hear of your surgery but glad you’re okay.  When things settle down, he’ll be sending you a belated get well card!!


Tomorrow’s Moving Day!!’