Meet Baxter

1226-d Today’s the day after Christmas and mom’s still recovering from all the fun. We’ll tell all tomorrow about Secret Paws and more!! In the meantime, I want to introduce you to Baxter.

1226c He’s the stray boy cat that is notoriously shy and eludes mom every chance he gets. He comes by twice a day for a feed and has been successful at running off any other strays. He’s definitely king of our yard (at least when I’m not out there).

1226-a Solid black and long haired, very handsome (not as handsome as me, but pretty close). Mom usually just gives dry food to him but since it’s cold she figures he needs the extra calories to stay warm so she mixes wet food with the dry.

1226-b These pictures don’t show how handsome he really is but she took them while sitting in her car when she got home the other night. If she’d gotten out of the car he would have hidden under the bushes. So she took some distance photos and cropped them as close as she could and still be clear. We hope she can catch him this spring and get him neutered. She’s going to try again!!!

See you tomorrow for Christmas fun!!!

Butt to Butt

butt-to-butt-a This photo is self-explanatory, don’t you think?

butt-to-butt-b Simon got to mom’s desk drawer before I did.

butt-to-butt-c Even though I tried to force him out of it – my butt is bigger than his – he refused to me.  That’ll teach me to linger at the food dish too long!!

A PEACEful and Friendly Friday Fill-in

1104a Simon and I have called a truce for today.

1104b We wish the world would.


Now for Fill-ins!

1. Peace for the world is achievable but it begins with me.
2. I need to be kinder to my fellow beings, but I keep procrastinating.
3. A friend is someone you accept and they accept you –no matter what they believe in.

4. I will try to pray for the peace of the world
ellen_cat_badge_2 Go HERE and HERE for more Fill-in Fun!!

Sunday Snoozing Selfies

The following selfies speak for themselves!!! Enjoy your Sunday and be like us and take a nap!!!

1030a BobbieSue

1030b Toby

1030c  Simon 

1030d PeggySue


We don’t have a snoozing photo of MerryBelle because to catch us napping is to show how comfortable we are with mom. MerryBelle is not that comfy yet. She only relaxes enough to sleep while she’s hiding. So here’s the most recent photo we have of her!



catonmyhead2-200x300 We’ll link up on Monday!!!