I’ve got a hole in my fur!!

Mom attacked me with a pair of scissors!!!! 

Not really, but that’s what it felt like – for the last 3 or 4 days – every time I’m snoozing on my back she sneaked – snook – snuck – oh- whatever – you get what I mean – with some scissors to cut this massive mat of tangled fur off my body! I have to admit it was bothering me – it was right below my mane – and it was pulling on me. It was so big she could only cut it out a little at a time because it bugged me so much her close to me with sharp thing! But when she finally got it out, what did she do? She took a photo of course!!!! 0824cSee my pink skin under the fur? And how much of my luxurious fur is missing? It’s not stylish and it was traumatizing but mom was very careful and took her time especially when I was squirmy.

After the trauma, there was much cuddling with mom!0824a

Here I am on her shoulder with her taking a selfie of me!0824bIt’s not a great photo, but then, I was traumatized!! (Mom’s telling me not to be so dramatic!!)

See you tomorrow for Throwback Thursday!!


Sunday Selfies!!!

It’s Sunday Selfie Day with the Kitties Blue!!!

Here I am in my glorious, handsome, mancat self!0807a

PeggySue loves lounging in the window. 0807b

Simon in all his exquisite blackness!! He says house panthers rule!0807c

Missing BobbieSue? She’s still mad at PeggySue so she’s refusing to participate in most photo sessions. And MaryBelle is very camera shy!

Have a relaxing and easy Sunday!!!



One-eyed Selfies

Remember those selfie practice shots last week? Well Simon and I got together (by the way, did you notice I let him go first? Mom says I need to be nicer at sharing. I’m trying.). any way, we got together and decided to do weird rather than pretty. So here are our One-Eyed Selfies!!

0731aDo you see mom photo bombing Simon? Her fingers are in mine. She says she was trying to help us!0731b


This is my favorite because  I’m super-duper close to the camera and its all out of focus so it makes me look like a giant monster!!! I love it!! What do you think?


Enjoy your Sunday everybody – I hope it is a relaxing one for you!!!