Tocks Thursday!

Today is:


We didn’t know Derby but we are celebrating TockTober nonetheless! Here are two extraordinary tocks!

First up is BobbieSue – she of the tailless tocks! Mom tried to get a good photo of her but unless she’s asleep its no use – she runs from the camera – or maybe its mom!


Here are my fabulous tocks! Quite nice if I do say so myself! This was taken Tuesday while we were waiting on the cable man.1020-tock

Speaking of the cable/internet saga – it seems the ‘maintenance crew’ from Cox Cable (who, by the way, suck – if you have a choice of cable/internet providers do NOT go with these incompetent fools – these are mom’s words, not mine) came out to replace the line but decided the tree was in the way and said it was a ‘liability’ so they did NOTHING! Even left the old wire in the tree.

1020aMom spoke with them last night and afterward was quite upset. So upset that I had to hold her paw while she tried to go to sleep later.

1020-c I lay right next to her head and purred, at least until I fell asleep. Now she has to call the landlord, have the tree trimmed and then call stupid Cox again to have them come out. The way I see it – and the cable guy on Tuesday saw it, the incompetent maintenance fools crew couldn’t see they could string the wire from a different location and all would be well. So we are taking up residence at the library  until further notice!

So we don’t end on a sour note, here’s a sweet photo of Granmama’s  kitty, Moose, giving her a loving look. 1020b Moosey is an old sweetie and the last of his brothers. We hope he is with us for a long time!

october-fun-linkies-2 Since we are at a public computer for some reason we are unable to post our link to the Cat Blogosphere site. If anyone has any suggestions on what we’re doing wrong, please let us know. Thanks!

How much is the ransom?

Hello all! H. Matthew is still holding our internet hostage – I’m wondering what the ransom is. Mom contacted the go-betweens today – Cox Cable – she’s really hating them right now – for an estimate of when they’ll pay the ransom and we get our  link to the outside world back – and they couldn’t say. She was so mad she had to sign off rather than say the bad words she was thinking! So off she goes to her local library – and guess what – it’s closed! Sewer problems and such. So she’s at a different library to do my post. That’s how much she loves me and you!!! Also, she’s not visiting as much right now, so please forgive her if she doesn’t get to everybody!  Enough of that – here’s some photos for you!

Mom is – or was before nasty Matthew came to town – on a special project that she is hoping to make public next week (we’ll see) – but these photos are of me helping her!


This is one where I got bored and decided to take a bath.1011c Yeah, they’re a little dark but we don’t have access to our usual photo editing software right now!

Mom’s scheduling a post for tomorrow since she won’t get back to the library until Friday! We love you all!! We’ll get back to normal soon!!


We’re still here!

We didn’t get blown away by Matthew – but he did take our electricity for almost a whole day and our cable/internet since Saturday!  Its a good thing mom has lots of dvds. We’re at the library today doing a post and may come back tomorrow. The current estimate for our cable/internet is Wednesday!!!! And the weatherman said all we’d get was rain and no wind! Tell that to the trees lying all over the place and the bunches and bunches of people with no electricity !!! 

Enough with the news – here’s a new photo of me helping mom not use the internet!


Here’s a fun bit of news – just as mom started to upload my photo the library’s internet went out!! We waited a bit while they rebooted and we’re back on for now. Since the neighborhood where the library is mostly without power or internet (you can tell that by the number of people here on the pcs and with their own laptops) – I’ll make this post short.

News on the MerryBelle front: remember about a week or so ago I wrote how she started sleeping in mom’s closet? Well now she’s ventured to sleeping outside the closet on some storage crates mom was going to use to pack away her summer clothes. She stays in the bed all the time but dashes into the closet when mom gets to close. But as far as we’re concerned, she’s making lots of progress! 

So that’s it for today – if we get internet today I’ll be back tomorrow. If not, it may be Wednesday!! 

We love you all!!!

Here’s last year’s Halloween art!

toby treats



We’re Having a Witchy-Caturday Art!!

We’ve been posting some of last year’s Halloween’s art but today we have new art!!! We are witches and warlocks today!!!







On another a note, we were asked why does everybody avoid PeggySue (see our answers from our Sunshine post this past Thursday)? Here’s why – and some of the answers include mom, although she doesn’t avoid PeggySue like us!

  • She doesn’t know how to play nice – she bites and claws
  • She doesn’t enjoying petting – mom can give her just one stroke or two and she bites mom’s hands and fingers
  • She’s a lurker – she hides around corners and doors and when we walk by she attacks! She even attacks mom!
  • She steals our treats – she inhales her treats so fast she’ll eat what’s left of everybody else’s. To prevent her from doing that mom gives her more treats (to keep her eating longer) than the rest of us and that’s not fair.
  • We were a genteel house of older cats who lived a dignified life – now we have the lightening fast PeggySue running around being a rambunctious young whippersnapper who is driving us all to distraction!!! For some reason unbeknownst to us, mom sees a lot of potential in her as she settles down. When will that be, Mom?



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Friendly Friday Fill-in Time!!

100It’s time for Friendly Friday Fill-ins!! 


My favorite store is anything on-line! Mom absolutely hates shopping. If she could afford to have groceries delivered, she would!!online-shopping-hi


 An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is Mom and I prayed that we would be able to buy a house in Savannah, Georgia, when we lived there years ago. But it didn’t come through and we were able to move back to Virginia with no problems. But on the other hand, maybe God did answer our prayer – He just said “No!”100_1980


At Halloween, I don’t dress up or get special treats. It’s just another day to us! 



I believe in the supernatural, because angels are with us every day.



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