Sort of Sunday Selfies

We have two selfies today for you. The first is of the 3Ms!!!0806 3 msFrom the top, Matilda, Mable and Maybelline. They really hate it when mom cleans their cage. They squawk really loud and give mom the evil eye!

This one is an old photo of Simon!!0806 simon selfie sort ofIt’s from Christmas, 2001 and when he lived with my Auntie. So we now know he’s at least 16 years old – but probably was born in 2000. Since he was born a stray, we’ll never truly know. We’re just glad he’s still with us!! Mom found this picture when I was helping her pack the other day and I wanted to share it with all of you!!

0313a It’s time to say, Happy Sunday everyone! We’ll be back sometime next week. (I can’t wait until this crazy move is over so we can get back to normal [whatever that is!].)  Love and pawpats, Toby and the Moving & Wrecking Crew!!



Tuxie Sunday Selfies

Here are the tuxies!!








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Sunday Selfie!!

I’m taking a break from A to Z Challenge! Here’s a couple of selfies mom and I took outside a week or so ago! I look great (as always) but mom doesn’t like the selfies of her. Isn’t that typical of humans?0423 a Me, mom and the sky. I wasn’t ready yet.


0423 b Mom loves that sky!! She needs selfie lessons – where’s my left ear?


0423c To be honest here, I was trying to get away – enough with the selfies!!! You see that iron grip she has on me?


0423d Let me go, mom! I’m all selfied out!! She’s done, too – she’s not even smiling anymore!!!




I’ll be back Tomorrow wiTh The final week of A to Z posTs!!! Tomorrow is “T” day!!! Are you Thinking, maybe, T-rex? Well, Then, you’d be wrong!!!!! Come back To find out who are my feaTured peTs!!!

Love, Toby-the-so-not-selfie-king

Sunday Selfies with guests!

Mom forgot to let us take our selfies this week so instead I have a few guests to show you. Mom met them when she went to PetSmart to get a few things for M&M.061


This is a hamster chowing down. Mom didn’t get what kind he is but he’s cute.016


This hamster was busy running.017


When he saw mom, he ran over to the window to see who she was.018


And then he posed perfectly for a selfie!!!!! I love his bright eyes!020

I asked mom why she didn’t bring one home. She said M&M were excitement and entertainment enough for us! I ignored her for the rest of the night the rest of that minute.

Tomorrow is “B” in the A to Z challenge! – I wonder what we’ll have for you??? See you tomorrow!

Sunday Selfies

I didn’t feel like selfies today! Can’t you tell!?!016


Simon didn’t feel like it either so his are really off the mark. This one is too blurry.017


This one isn’t too bad but it’s only one eye.018


Nice profile selfie!!!020


And now we’re back to being too close to the camera!! Hang in there, Simon! you’ll figure out selfies one day.015

Enjoy your Sunday!!! Love Toby & Simon