Sunday Selfies!!

Can you see Simon behind me? No flash in the camera means no demon-eyes, but it also means we only see the outline of Simon’s ears and one eye. But he was there – trust me – breathing – behind me as we all wait patiently for our snacks.selfie 031316a

And of course, BobbieSue, who is the least patient of all of us for snacks. We get them at night right before we go to bed, only BobbieSue’s alarm clock is set to half-an-hour earlier. That’s when she starts bugging mom about snacks.selfie 031316b


Today is also K9-Veteran’s Day; we don’t know any K-9 veterans but we thought we’d share a website that lets you adopt retired Military Working Dogs. We can’t adopt such a large dog but some of our readers might want to consider it! Just click on any the badges for more information!



.Retired Military Working Dogs's Profile Photo




We’re also joining The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and the Sunday Blogosphere Blog Hop!! Click on the badges for more great selfies!!!