Jack Update!

031316a I’m not hiding – I’m trying to talk mom into feeding us by giving her my best ‘FEED ME’ stare. It didn’t work. She just took a picture and kept on doing whatever she was doing.  But I’m not the focus of this post. After much reminding Auntie, she finally sent photos of Jack! And he’s so MUCH  better.


In case you forgot, my cousin Jack lives on the coast in the Albemarle Sound and on one of his property tours he came home looking like this:

jack injuryWell he didn’t exactly look like that but his head was bleeding pretty badly so his mom had to bandage his head for a little while. (HERE is the original post about his injury.)


Then after looking like this for several weeks:


This is what he looks like now (!):


You can’t even see the scar!!!


IMG_1062He looks really good, doesn’t he?!!!  Poor guy – or good for him — he has a life sentence to the indoors. Auntie said no more prowling and cat fights for him!!! Jack, of course, disagrees and has already escaped one time. Ah, the battle continues!!!

Happy Tuesday Everybody!!!!