and then there were 3!

Guess What?! The Crew and I wish to welcome to our family—-Angel!!0702 and then there were 3cAngel is the third girlbird of our flock! She’s the lowest one on the branch. 


0702 and then there were 3dShe is the sister of Mabel and Matilda and joined us on Thursday. Mom was going to call her Maybelline or Maude but her former caretaker said her name was Angel.


0702 and then there were 3bHere’s a better picture of her – she’s a little roughed up because her other brothers and sisters were picking on her because her wings are messed up (sort of like Mabel’s) and has trouble flying.


0702 and then there were 3aSo we have added her to our refuge of safety and she’ll be back to her sleek prettiness like her new roommates before long! And, because I know you’re wondering – there were some initial squabbles, but all three girlbirds settled down just fine!

fun-with-mable-and-matilda and angel