It’s been a few days…

boxing toby 1It’s been a few days since I last posted. Mom and I have been busy – and we’ll be staying busy for the next few weeks. Why? You ask?… And, why am I in this box?


boxing toby 2The answer to both questions is: we’re moving!!!! We’re moving home to live with granmama! We’ve got until the end of August to finish the move and you know how I have to check out each box to make sure it meets with my high standards before I tell mom what to pack in it. We’re still packing the office – have been for a two weeks now – that’s because its the room with the most stuff!! I’ve got more box-inspection photos to share and as time goes on, I’ll tell you more about our move! But I’m excited – I can’t wait to live with granmama!!!!

See you Friday! Love, Toby and the Wrecking Crew (soon to be known as the Moving Crew!!)cats house cartoon

toby-in-the-boxAnother Toby-in-the-Box Production!