I love the cold sunshine!

The weather here in Virginia is crazy! Two days ago it was 49 degrees outside, then yesterday it snowed and today it is 18 degrees (but sunny!). I think I much prefer Georgia weather to this Virginia rollercoaster ride!enjoying the sun Anyway when we were outside the other day, both Toby and I enjoyed the sun so much – it was so bright we had to keep our eyes closed.enjoying the sun2 After awhile of absorbing the sun’s warm rays, Toby got down from his perch and started following a scent.


cold sun 2


I went over to join him and but I couldn’t figure out what it was. It just sort of stopped at the steps. smellsThen Toby sniffed me and said it was me! He said I smelled like a dog and needed a bath. My mom keeps telling me the same thing and I have this feeling that since we are going to the Pet Expo tomorrow, she is going to give me a bath. I’ll do my best to hide from her tonight!its you

fancy dress2In other news, here is part of my costume for the doggy fashion show. Mom just has to put the wings on and I’ll be all set to go! Wish me luck! I’ll be writing a couple of posts about the Expo next week so I will let you know what happens.

snack2Until then, I am Barkingly yours, LadyBird

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