Sunday Selfie Time!!

041716aSunday Selfie time! It’s me and Simon. BobbieSue is too out of sorts to stay still for a photo.


The reason BobbieSue is out of sorts? Look below.mb0417amb0417bmb0417c

Her name is MerryBelle and she walked in our front door on Friday morning. She is one of the 3 little babies mom has been feeding since they showed up a couple of months ago. (A few days ago I posted a photo of PeggySue who is still out there.) Anyway mom went out Friday morning to feed the kitties and they all started eating except for the grey one. Mom had gone back to getting ready for work when she heard a meowing. It was the grey one sitting at the door looking inside and meowing. So mom did what she always does, she opened the door and after some hesitation, the grey one walked in the door. Of course mom immediately shut the door, where the kitty immediately changed her mind and wanted to go back outside. Mom said “No – It’s too late – you’re a part of our cat colony now!” So now on Sunday she knows where the food, water and litter boxes are; I’m ignoring her for the most part and so is Simon but only BobbieSue is agitated. But she’ll settle down after some time. MerryBelle, in the meantime, comes out from under the bed a little more now and looks a mom from a great distance. She meows a lot and mom talks back to her. We’ll keep you posted on how well she does. Isn’t she cute? She is smaller than BobbieSue who is small compared to me and Simon. We’re pretty sure she’s a she because us boy cats aren’t giving her a second thought. (If she turns out to be a he his name will be Huck Finn. I told mom to just forget about that name because we ain’t havin no more boys in my colony!!!)

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Cat4-001 The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie!





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