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 presidents today Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) and Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969).

President Herbert Hoover brought with him a pack of dogs to the WH; one of them was Yukon and his breed was listed as an “Eskimo dog.” An ‘Eskimo dog’ was likely a Malamute but as there aren’t any available photographs it’s hard to know exactly.
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President Lyndon B. Johnson may be more well known for his beagles, Him and Her, but the dog he truly seemed to favor was Yuki, a white terrier mix his daughter Luci found abandoned at a gas station in Johnson City, Texas in 1966. The President and Yuki (Japanese for snow) hit it off from the very beginning and the dog went to cabinet meetings, stayed in the oval office and was a frequent overnight guest in President Johnson’s bedroom (as opposed to the kennel where the dogs usually stayed when not with the family).  The President and Yuki enjoyed singing and swimming together, as well.yuki-presidential-petYuki-howling
When the Republican nominee Richard Nixon stopped by the WH to discuss Vietnam, Johnson and Yuki walked Nixon out to Marine One. As Nixon prepared to board, Yuki went ahead and boarded. Johnson was heard to say, “Look, you’ve got my helicopter, you’re after my job, and now you want my dog!” Nixon allegedly responded, “I told you I want your job, not your dog!”
Yuki  LBJ
When President Johnson left the WH, Yuki went with him on Air Force One to the LBJ Ranch. The little dog was beside him when he died in 1973. After Johnson’s death, Yuki went to live with Luci Johnson Nugent. Johnson’s favorite dog died in 1979 aged 13-14 years.

President Johnson Trying to Sign New Bill…15 Dec 1967, Washington, DC, USA — A slight obstacle presented itself when President Johnson prepared to sign the meat inspection bill at the White House today. His pet dog Yuki jumped up on the desk. But the president finally signed the law, which he said would be used by the government to force dirty meat packing plants to “clean up or close down.” — Image by Bettmann/CORBIS


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