We’re still here!

We didn’t get blown away by Matthew – but he did take our electricity for almost a whole day and our cable/internet since Saturday!  Its a good thing mom has lots of dvds. We’re at the library today doing a post and may come back tomorrow. The current estimate for our cable/internet is Wednesday!!!! And the weatherman said all we’d get was rain and no wind! Tell that to the trees lying all over the place and the bunches and bunches of people with no electricity !!! 

Enough with the news – here’s a new photo of me helping mom not use the internet!


Here’s a fun bit of news – just as mom started to upload my photo the library’s internet went out!! We waited a bit while they rebooted and we’re back on for now. Since the neighborhood where the library is mostly without power or internet (you can tell that by the number of people here on the pcs and with their own laptops) – I’ll make this post short.

News on the MerryBelle front: remember about a week or so ago I wrote how she started sleeping in mom’s closet? Well now she’s ventured to sleeping outside the closet on some storage crates mom was going to use to pack away her summer clothes. She stays in the bed all the time but dashes into the closet when mom gets to close. But as far as we’re concerned, she’s making lots of progress! 

So that’s it for today – if we get internet today I’ll be back tomorrow. If not, it may be Wednesday!! 

We love you all!!!

Here’s last year’s Halloween art!

toby treats