Cousin Jack!

toby-a Mom was on vacation last week so that meant she spent a lot of time at home – which I thoroughly enjoyed!! One day she and Granmama drove down to see Cousin Jack, or rather, his mom, my Auntie. Auntie is internet shy so no photos of her but here a couple of photos of Jack.

jack-a It was supper time and he was in no mood to pose for photos – “Where’s my food?”

jack-b “Will you get that camera out of my face and feed me, please?” You can’t tell from these photos but Jack is a solid blue-gray with yellow eyes. He used to intimidate LadyBird when she would visit. But I don’t think he’d intimidate me. He would probably be my best friend!!

028 Mom had to go back to work this week so this is what I’m doing without her. I miss her and I know she misses me!

See you tomorrow!!!