Tuxie Tuesday

It’s Tuxie Tuesday Time!!! First up a lovely portrait of me, BobbieSue. It’s a little blurry but mom’s hands tremble a bit so most pics are blurry. But you can see my beautiful eyes. Wait till you see my selfie for this Sunday! I did a really great job and I think you’ll love it!029

Next we have our resident Tabby Tuxie, MerryBelle. ¬†She’s still super timid around mom but she’s okay around me. Mom always has to take far away pictures of her and then enlarge them so we can see her. She’s a pretty girl and happy – except when mom comes around with the camera.040

And now we have the very goofy PeggySue. Mom got a really great series of shots of her and the Pickle from Miss Ellen that we’ll share next Tuesday. This shot could really be a selfie – but it’s not!038

That’s all I have for today! Time to go check out the food bowl. Bye-cycle!!!032