Friday Fill-in Time!!

It’s Friendly Friday Fill-In Time!! Thanks Miss Ellen and Miss McGuffy for hosting each week!! My answers are in purple; their questions/statements are in black.


1.  Watching PeggySue and MerryBelle run around like screaming banshees makes me feel old which is why I fuss at them so much!!!076


2. Watching Simon creep and creak around makes me feel young. I’m just grateful that every time I shake my head I don’t fall over like he does!078


3. I have not got enough time with mom. She works too hard and is away from home too much. I miss her when she’s not here so much that when she does come home I won’t leave her alone for hours. She tells me its only temporary and that things will be better in spring. I can’t wait for spring to get here.079


4. My girlfriend Penny is most beautiful tortie around (sorry, Mudpie). I’m dreaming about her right now!                    .098

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