Friday Fill-ins – On Friday!!!

Well, I actually get to do my Friday Fill-ins on Friday!! Cool, huh? My answers are in Orange!!

1.In the Spring, I look forward to getting outside more – that is if I can talk my mom into it!!187

2. I would love to have a garden party and invite Penny and of course to make it really festive I would invite Millie (for BobbieSue), Joanie (for Simon), Jinx (for PeggySue) and Miss Ellen and her hubby so mom would have someone to talk to! Of course it would help if we had a garden! But we can always borrow one!11f72e0b717d9b08b16859860b4769b5


3. Few know this about me, but I’m a superhero (in my own mind!).comic book 1


4. No one loves my mom like I do–except for maybe her mom.



See you tomorrow for Caturday Art!!!! PeggySue will be the featured kitty!!



4 thoughts on “Friday Fill-ins – On Friday!!!

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I am impressed you got them done today, don’t ever rush though, the link is open until next Wednesday. We would love to attend your party. Have a great weekend!XO

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