Come fly with me!

0522aLike many of my other blogosphere friends we are honoring Sammy, King of Baconia, from OneSpoiledCat, today. On his way to the Rainbow Bridge today Sammy made a whirlwind tour of many places where his many friends live. He visited me this morning in Virginia Beach, Va!


First, you stopped by mom’s work – I wasn’t even awake then!welcome-sammy

Later in the morning I met you at Mount Trashmore. Weird name, right? Its really a mountain (well, hill really) made of trash. It’s the old city dump repurposed back during the 70’s. Mount Trashmore 2 is in the making but it won’t be ready for a few more years and will be twice as big as this one. That round thing on the side of the mountain is the city

king-neptuneThen I took you to the beach – no trip to my city is complete without a trip to the ocean! I introduced you to King Neptune – but as you found out, he looks fierce but he bowed in humble gratitude that the Supreme King Sammy of Baconia would deign to visit him in his humble abode by the Atlantic Ocean. Remember he offered you the sea turtle he’s holding, but you wisely declined as you have a lot of other places to visit today and your balloon would hold the extra weight!

Well, our time together has drawn to a close. I’m so glad you came to visit my city and so glad you came into my life. Sammy, you brought joy and laughter and quite a few greenie badges to me and the Wrecking Crew. We will miss you so much but we know we will see you again. When you get to the Bridge, please tell Piper I miss her so much and tell LadyBird how much mom still misses her.  We love you and fly free forever, beloved King Sammy.


Thank you to Dory, Madi, and Angle Easy for dreaming up this adventure and hosting it. To see more of Sammy’s whirlwind tour, please click on the badge.



15 thoughts on “Come fly with me!

  1. Toby…you will never believe this in 100 years but my peeps have been to Mount Trashmore. MOLMOL
    Years ago when sis was a wee lassie her bestie’s family moved to Va Beach. The kids loved going there. I know Sammy had a ball
    thanks for joining the hop
    Hugs madi and mom

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  2. Oh what fun I had with you!!! I love what I see of Virginia Beach and we are in Northern Virginia – maybe one day I can get Mom and Dad to visit. Meanwhile, thank you for showing me around – I am impressed AND I am happy you let me visit you on my Farewell Hop today. I am now a the Bridge……and I had fun getting here visiting you all!

    Love, Angel Sam

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  3. What a great visit Toby. And OMC We couldn’t believe Mount Trashmore. Dat’s funny. King Neptine looks really cool. And we thought your Buddy VET visit posty was adorable. ‘Specially da last line. MOL Big hugs to all

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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