Tuxie Tuesday in Shades

Both the Sues are with you today! Mom took a ton of photos with Phoebe’s Traveling Shades so here are some more. 

First up, BobbieSue tentatively looking at the shades…0207a

Then she goes in for a proper sniff. Says “NOPE!” and off she goes!0207b

You can see I am a bit more willing. First a sniff to check them out…0207c

Then, since I’m a ‘pawsy’ kitty, I have to touch them to see if they’re okay.0207d

And before I knew it those glasses were slapped on top of my head!! But I do look good!!0207e


Thanks again, Phoebe for the fun!!!

7 thoughts on “Tuxie Tuesday in Shades

  1. PeggySue, you are a movie star. Jinx is drooling. And good try, BobbieSue 🙂 Thank you all for trying, well, we know MerryBelle won’t be interested.XO


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