Warning: tears on the way

We are rapidly coming up to the end of the year – the time when most, if not all, humans review the previous year, sometimes with joy, sometimes with tears. I’m going to post a brief retrospective tomorrow night on my fursister, LadyBird. I’m sure my humom/typist will be shedding a few tears while taking dictation. I don’t want to make anyone sad but I am learning that part of the healing process is to talk about what has you so grieved. So, just wanted to warn you, you may want to skip tomorrow’s post. 😦 Toby

LadyBird & Toby 121815

This is our last photo together, taken the day before she left us. LadyBird looks tired, doesn’t she?  Even though we weren’t the best of friends I sure love and miss that smelly little dawg.


Thank you Ann of Zooaltry for this beautiful badge


6 thoughts on “Warning: tears on the way

  1. What a wonderful photo of the two of you Toby. We sure do miss LadyBird too. She was well loved at home and here in Blogville.
    Marty and the Gang


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