We love our friends!

pb dayMiss Ellen sent us a present!! She sent us some nip toys, which are currently missing because PeggySue made off with them. I suspect we’ll find them when mom vacuums tomorrow and she has to pick up all our toys – the loud monster loves to eat that kind of stuff!!


Here is our card – she says it looks like me as a kitten!!ellen card

We also received a beautiful work of button art by Miss Ellen herself!ellen button cat

And to make her gift EXTRA special, Simon and I received new photos of our lady-cat-loves!!!

Here is my precious Penny – ellen pennyIsn’t she just gorgeous!!!

And here’s Simon’s beautiful girl, Joanie –ellen joanieShe looks so comfy laying in her ‘bowl of cherries’!!

Thank you Miss Ellen for your love!!!

Today I went on a drive with none other than the fabulous Miss Nellie!!! In her pink VW!! Miss Nellie was a busy lady-cat today with other man-cats, too! She spreads her affection around and we all love her for it!! This is the picture she made of us, but mom enhanced it a bit. Go HERE to visit Miss Nellie to see the road trip with her man-cats!nellie and toby

_Birthday_cake.svg.hiWe want to wish our friends Astrid and Lisbeth a very Happy Birthday!! Go HERE to wish them Happy Birthday!!

We had a great time at Marley’s birthday party! Go HERE to see all the fun!

There are many more events in our friends lives that we’ve missed – but never fear because WE LOVE OUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!