Cousin Selfies

For the first selfie of the new year, I bring you my cousins!! They live with Granmama. I’ve met Buddy. He came to stay with us a couple of years ago. He’s real cool around cats. I liked him but he TOTALLY freaked out BobbieSue out!! See you soon! Purringly yours, Toby

buddy selfie

Buddy, Granmama’s hound dawg! (he’s a senior dog!)


frankie selfie

Frankie, mom says he’s talker – he has a squeaky voice; certainly not like the crooner he was named after, Frank Sinatra.


toby tummy 1

And because I couldn’t end this post without a photo of me, here’s one of me as a youngster!!

 We are a part of The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!!!



a2 white icon w toby


14 thoughts on “Cousin Selfies

  1. Most excellent selfies of your cousins! They looks like they would be fun! (Especially that Frankie – MEOW!!!)
    Mes is sending LOTS of Nellie Kisses and New Years wishes from Me and Mommy to yous guys and your Mommy!
    Nellie (at Mommy’s Blog)

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