MerryBelle takes a slide

050616aHello all! I have a funny piece of news to share with you. I don’t write too much about MerryBelle, but that’s because there’s not much to write about. No photos, either. Momma has asked her to show herself at least once a day so she’ll know she’s okay and for the most part MerryBelle has been complying with that request. (What mom doesn’t know is that MerryBelle only hides when she’s around. When momma’s at work, MerryBelle acts like she owns the place. Which she doesn’t of course, I do.)

Anyway,  the most momma sees of her is in the morning after breakfast she and BobbieSue are chasing each other around the house. Well, this morning, momma got up, did her usual morning thing, and then walked into the kitchen singing, “It’s breakfast time!” the way she does every morning. Well, MerryBelle mistimed her visit to the potty room and came dashing out of the room across the kitchen floor and when she saw momma she stopped and tried to do a 180 in the opposite direction but instead slid on the linoleum on her side straight through momma’s legs!!!050616b It was so funny and momma laughed so loud and long she almost forgot to give us breakfast. Don’t worry – I’ll be teasing MerryBelle about that all morning!!

I give her a high-five pawpat for making momma laugh!!! As more MerryBelle becomes more comfortable with all of us we will write more about her. Momma is still trying to talk MerryBelle’s sister, PeggySue into coming inside, so we are a growing family in progress!


Now, if you don’t mind, its time for my first morning nap! See you tomorrow for Caturday Art and I’ll be doing a special Mother’s Day post on Sunday about Frankie and Moose’s mom, Ali.


Whitley Westie FOREVER Badge We didn’t follow Whitley Westie but he is going to the Bridge today and his momma is going to need our purrs and prayers. Please go HERE if you want to read about his best last day and support his momma.

Also remembering our Angel LadyBird from last year celebrating Cinco De Mayo!cinco de mayo



11 thoughts on “MerryBelle takes a slide

  1. merrybelle….heerz hopin that soon…& even faster….ewe & yur sisturr peggysue… R both N joyin livin large & in charge inn side & yur stoppin bye for a grate inn doorz kinda breakfast…rite ther in front oh de best spot in de houz….de fridge !! 🙂 heerz two a monkeyface prickleback kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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  2. Me bets dat was a sight to see Toby. Dat woulda made me’s mommy laff too. Purrobably as hard as da time sis Lexi splatted me flat to da floor. Not dat me doesn’t like seein’ you, but me does look furward to seein’ more MaryBelle.

    Luv ya’



  3. I love seeing photos of LadyBird. I am glad MerryBelle gave your Mom a laugh. Do you have a trap to try to catch PeggySue? Our local shelters will let people borrow them, they make you leave $25 or $50, but they give it back when the trap is returned.


    • Mom’s thinking about it. Our shelters do the same thing, but we’re a little worried about traumatizing her. If it’s nice tomorrow mom’s going to sit outside for a while and hopefully she’ll get close enough to grab her.


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