It’s Cinco de Astronauts Day!

It was really hard to decide which day to celebrate – Cinco de Mayo or National Astronauts Day? We all decided to go our separate ways!

BobbieSue and Millie are in space to honor our amazing heroes, those men and women who soar into the heavens and who “Go Boldly where no one has gone before!”bobbiesue and millie in space


Simon and Joanie headed to the desert to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!simon and joanie cinco de mayo


Toby and Penny couldn’t decide which to celebrate – so they are celebrating both!!Penny and Toby space Cinco


NatlAstronautDay 5.5.2016a  Cinco de Mayo 5.5.2016


It’s also National Prayer Day so we are asking for Purrs and Prayers for all those on our Prayer List.

Purrs and Prayers for CJ Badge CJ is the newest one on the list – please go HERE if you would like to leave your good thoughts and wishes for her.




Please go HERE to read The President’s Proclamation of the National Day of Prayer.

“As a Nation free to practice our faith as we choose, we must remember those around the world who are not afforded this freedom, and we must recommit to building a society where all can enjoy this liberty and live their lives in peace and dignity.”

And we are including all animals, that regardless of their species, may live their lives in peace and dignity.


9 thoughts on “It’s Cinco de Astronauts Day!

  1. I love this post! Millie’s Dad loves all things space so he will love that one and I love how Penny and Toby couldn’t decide. You all look great!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mes so furry happy that yous guys could comes by for a Meowgrita! Who knew there was so many things to celebrate today!!!
    And mes thinks your purrayer list is the cats meow! Mes has lots of purrayers for everybody!


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